Seinendan + Osaka University Robot Theatre Project

Three Sisters, Android Version

Original Text: Anton Chekhov
Text, Direction: Oriza Hirata
Technical Advisor: Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University & ATR Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory)

Played in Japanese with French Subtitle
Duration: 1h45

In a provincial city—used to be a robot production base for a consumer electronics company and has been hallowed out due to yen’s appreciation—only a small laboratory remains now. After the death of father, who was a researcher of advanced robots, his three daughters still live in the city. Adapted from Chekhov’s masterpiece, Three Sisters, this latest work of “Robot Theatre Project” relentlessly portrays the future of the Japanese society.

【Libération】2 pièces de Oriza Hirata avec des robots Libération
【Le Monde】Androïdes et robots savent jouer aussi... et émouvoir

Geminoid F (an android), Robovie-R3, Kenji Yamauchi, Hiroko Matsuda, Hiroshi Otsuka, Mizuho Nojima, Akiko Ishibashi, Minako Inoue, Tadashi Otake, Tatsuya Kawamura, Natsuko Hori, Android motion,voice: Minako Inoue
French Translation: Mathieu Capel, Hirotoshi Ogashiwa
Set Design: Itaru Sugiyama
Lighting: Shoko Mishima
Costume: Aya Masakane
Robot Direction: Takenobu Chikaraishi(Osaka University Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory / Osaka University Center for the Study of Communication Design)
Subtitle: Aya Nishimoto
Production: Sachiko Sawai-Nishio, Yoko Nishiyama

Gennevilliers, France [Festival d’Automne à Paris]

Date:15th-20th December, 2012

15th (Sat) 20:30
16th (Sun) 16:00
17th (Mon) No Performance
18th (Tue) 20:30
19th (Wed) 20:30
20th (Thu) 20:30

Théâtre de Gennevilliers

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