Seinendan + Osaka University Robot Theatre Project

Android-Human Theatre “Sayonara”

Text, Direction: Oriza Hirata
Technical Advisor: Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University & ATR Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory)

Played in Japanese with French Subtitle
Duration: 30min

This innovative short play is played by Geminoid F, a humanoid robot developed by Ishiguro Laboratory that looks exactly like the woman who it was modeled after, and a human actor. Examining the question: "what do life and death mean to humans and robots?" this piece will alter the audience's images of robots and humans, and present a compelling fusion of Theatre arts and science. After we had the Great East Japan Earthquake, this play is extended to the second part, in which Geminoid F faces her new mission. This play won the Prix Ars Electronica 2011, Interactive Art category Honorary Mention.

Geminoid F (an android), Tatsuya Kawamura, Natsuko Hori
Android motion,voice: Minako Inoue
French Translation: Bryerly Long
Set Design: Itaru Sugiyama
Lighting: Shoko Mishima
Costume: Aya Masakane
Robot Direction: Takenobu Chikaraishi (Osaka University Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory / Osaka University Center for the Study of Communication Design)
Subtitle: Aya Nishimoto
Production: Sachiko Sawai-Nishio, Yoko Nishiyama

Gennevilliers, France [Festival d’Automne à Paris]

Date:16th-20th December, 2012

16th (Sun) 15:00
17th (Mon) No Performance
18th (Tue) 19:30
19th (Wed) No Performance
20th (Thu) 19:30

Théâtre de Gennevilliers

Address: 41 Avenue des Gresillons 92230 Gennevilliers, France
Tel: +31 (0)1 41 32 26 10